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Gluing drawer bottoms ()

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)

Hi Bill

Lots of different methods. Thank goodness that we have alternatives to consider :)

Thanks for clarifying how you use clamps to do this. That is the same way I do so, when using clamps.

This is how I do the tape method:

1. On the face (good) side, tape is stretched across the join, pulling the boards tightly together. There are likely to be several pieces of tape used this way to keep the tension even down the length of the panel.

2. Stretch a strip of tape lengthwise along the join. The purpose of this is to seal the join.

3. Turn the panel over, and open up the panel like a book. The tape is holding it togther like a hinge.

4. Paint glue along the length of the join.

5. Close the panel/book, and use some blue tape to lock it like this. This is what you see in the picture above.

6. Add cauls/straight edges along the width. These are held with spring clips. You can see them in the photo. Incidentally, the cauls here are 1m lengths of mild steel 1” square section. These are covered in plastic tape to remain glue-free.

The panel above was made over a month ago, and was set aside until needed. The cauls ensured that everything remained flat. It was a simple matter to scrape a slight seam, and sand the panel with 180 grit.

What I like about this method is that it is quick, and getting, keeping it flat takes a minute, and it is completely stress-free. The blue tape I use is cheap.

Regards from Perth


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