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John in NM
I have a shop made scrub plane that uses a similar method as Bill's, except I did minimal thinking about it - blade, chipbreaker, and lever cap were all repurposed from the previous scrub, a 5 1/4 handyman (Stanley's cheap line) that had the usual crack at the mouth and did not survive a drop on the concrete. The screw that it bears against is just a big wood screw from the hardware store.

I had just read Cecil Pearce's book and that was how he did them, though he used shop made caps with a thumbscrew rather than the Stanley (or whoever) lever. Wouldn't probably do as well for Bill's plane as his arrangement looks easier for the size of plane, but the geometry is easier to sort out. If one had to make the screw cap from scratch the Krenov style cross bar wins out for easy, no question.

I never liked Krenov planes much, but that is admittedly a traditionalist aesthetic prejudice on my part, nothing more. Functionally it doesn't matter whether the sides are glued on or the whole is chopped out of a billet. I agree that the method is very well suited to specialized user tools though - you could crank one out in a couple hours if you needed it to do a job that afternoon.

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