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Re: A plea for more "user tools" *LINK* *PIC*

Bill Houghton, Sebastopol, CA
I posted a picture of my quickly made butt hinge mortise plane some years back, and it turned into an article. Picture, and a link to the article, below.

It's been an occasionally used, but always appreciated tool, ever since the first time I used it.

The occasion of my making it was switching the swing on my Uncle Charlie's bathroom door, so that we could reach him if he fell (when he fell in his small bathroom, he would invariably block the door). Now that my Uncle Charlie is long gone, I can testify that the first use proved the tool's worth: I got the job done rapidly, nearly quickly enough to avoid Uncle Charlie complaining that it was unnecessary. At least he only grumped about it for a few minutes, instead of the longer time it would have otherwise been.

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