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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Bruce, you cannot go wrong with either the LN #60 1/2 or the Veritas DX60. Both are comfortable to hold.

Both are the same width, and will suit the same hand. They are also the same length. If anything, I slightly prefer the LN as the grip is a little more rounded.

Of the two, the ergonomics of the Veritas are much better: better blade adjustment, not just with the Norris-type adjuster and depth stop, but the lever cap wheel is easier to get to on the Veritas. This is only an issue after you have used both.

Veritas has PM-V11 steel, which is excellent and better, however I have not experienced any issues with the A2 steel in the LN. Both get sharp and hold an edge well.

The other block planes to consider are the LN #102 and, a personal favourite, the Veritas Pocket Plane. Both these are excellent, especially if you are looking for something small and light with authority.

Regards from Perth


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