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kiln temperature

Jack Guzman from Maine
l use a small kiln to dry windsor chair parts. It is 2'x2'x3' with an inlet hole low down and an opposite outlet hole up high to encourage air flow through the kiln. I use three 150 watt incandescent bulbs for heat. I have a temp sensor/regulator to control the temp. I keep it between 125 deg. and 140 deg. My temp control unit stopped functioning so the temp rises unchecked. It tops out about 170 deg. I just unscrewed one bulb to drop the temp down to about 140 deg. I need a new controller.
Anyhow,there is a question here. What temp should I keep the kiln at to properly dry chair parts completely? I dry oak spindles ,chair leg tenons(they enter the kiln through holes in the top) and various bent chair parts. I guess that 170 is too hot? Stuff should dry quicker but I'm worried that too much heat can be harmful somehow. Does anyone know enough about this to help me?I usually start with green wood.

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