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Mike in Zuni VA

I initially trained in chair making under Drew Langsner at Country Workshops. CW eventually got into making and selling green woodworking tools. Drew had ties to Sweden when he first started out in woodworking He started having some of these Swedish craftspeople to supply a lot of the tools they sold at CW. Alas, CW is no more, since Drew's retirement. However, there is a place in Maine that has now taken over as a distributor for Drew in the US. It is The Maine Coast Craft School. I have included a link to their tool page http://www.mainecoastcraft.com/tool-sales.html.

Drew's major suppliers were H. Karlsson Klensmide and S. Djarv Hantverk. I have included links to their sites as well: http://www.klensmide.se/ this site is in Swedish and I could not tell you what is says; and http://www.djarv.se/djarvenglish/startsida.asp which is an English language web site.

I have several of the tools that Drew sold. They were all top notched that were designed by users of the tools. The ones that I bought was properly sharpened, honed, and polished right out of the box. NO work needed prior to use!

I hope this will put you on the road to locating an adequate adze for your endeavors.

Mike in Zuni VA

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