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Kevin Adams
I think they may be a wee bit light for your woods, Derek. They are very nice tools, well finished and balanced, but perhaps better suited for lighter or even green wood. I think Jason Lonon (JL) or Hans Karlsson if you could ever find one would be heavy enough. I have now settled on 2 adzes, a small bowl adze from JL and then recently, a chairmaker’s adze from Matty Sears. He is one John Brown’s sons (Welsh stick chairs) and makes tools in Portland, OR. You’ll have to wait though. JL’s with flat center is very versatile.

Which blade do you have with the pullshave? I tried one of those before (I used to test chair tools for LV quite a few years ago) and thought it had a lot of potential. It was very different from what it started out as, which was more of a traditional travisher shape. I would be tempted to shorten the handle perhaps to give more room for maneuvering as you are using it. The blade is very easy to sharpen though like a scrub blade and it is typical Veritas ingenuity!

Thanks for always sharing your projects and ideas btw, you do some very nice work!


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