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David Weaver
....last year, I brush-lacquered a guitar body and hauled it outside (in the snow - snow on the ground, not snowing at the time) after reading that cold temperatures wouldn't interfere with the brush lacquer curing (or whatever the appropriate evaporative term is).

The next morning, I hauled the guitar body in to prevent bird crap damage and the faint smell of lacquer remained in the garage. I got a gigantic brow beating from the mrs. over that. "kids will get cancer later in life because you just have to make things you don't need". That type of stuff.

You can't smell the WB finishes that I spray, but just the act of spraying them causes friction. These are in the attached garage - and something with a strong odor like brushing lacquer will make it into the basement in very small amounts (I can't smell it upstairs at all) because the house isn't airtight - hopefully it never will be.

I've learned to get along with crosslinked water-based finishes, shellac and varnish. Nitro isn't actually something I even like the look of, so it's not that big of a loss, but the reaction was outsized to say the least.

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