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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
My question follows: if the dividers and carcasses panels all have the same grain orientation, why would drawers be affected?

If they (the drawers) have a front stop, would not all seasonal movement be seen only at the rear of the carcasse?

Jim, the drawers are not directly affected. However ..

I do have a concern about this build. The 6mm inserts (spacers) on both the inside ends of the case have grain running horizontally against the vertical grain of the 20mm case. Movement in wood is across the grain, not with the grain. So, when the two pieces move (as all does), it will be in different directions. The question is what will happen with the spacer insert? The outcome I fear is that is will split, and that this will interfere with the drawer running smoothly.

I plan to reduce the width of the insert by routing out a 6mm groove through the centre. This should reduce/prevent significant splitting. The case is glued up, but a trim router will fit. I could widen this further if indicated.

The two central drawer dividers are good. Everything that could be done to keep movement under control in this built has been done. No worries there.

I would appreciate some feedback from all about these end spacers/inserts.

Regards from Perth


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