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Re: Entry hall table for a niece: Part 4

Wiley Horne
Hi Derek and all,

Couple of thoughts on maintaining the long horizontal figure lines across three drawer fronts. You discussed two approaches, one with planted fronts; one with integral fronts lipped on the sides to cover the dividers...

Tedious fitting either way. On balance, the planted fronts would have the benefit of sequential fitting—you could fit the drawer boxes and dividers and drawer stops—all before fitting the fronts. The tradeoff is that registration pins would be needed between the planted fronts and the drawer box fronts, to maintain close gaps and continuity of grain lines during glue-up. I think you would also have to leave the case unglued during initial fitting, to allow clamping the planted fronts to the box fronts and inserting registration pins, prior to gluing the planted fronts.

If integral fronts are used, perhaps you could carry the lipped portion very slightly over-sized during the dovetailing, and then trim and doctor them to perfect the final fit. This would also offer some forgiveness against edge dings occurring during the dovetailing and handling. ‘Very slight’ so as not to lose continuity in the grain lines.

It’s a beautiful project. The beveled front is really nice—and the miters stayed tight!


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