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Re: Entry hall table for a niece: Part 3

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Thanks Hank.

Ellis raised the use of rasps and files on the Messages forum, and I posted a similar reply ..

Rasps and files can be a tremendous aid in fine tuning pins (when necessary, I always tune a pin and never the tail).

The provisor with these tools is that they have safe sides, otherwise you cannot use them into a corner.

Files are easy to make safe - just grind away the teeth on the edges. You cannot do this with rasps as a good rasp will be destroyed - they are typically round on one side and flat the other, meeting at a point. However, the Japanese Iwasaki rasps come with safe edges.

With the figure in that fiddleback Jarrah, it should turn out similar to this (which was a wedding present for a nephew - and the sibling of my niece, who is getting married in March) ...

Superficial similarity in the pieces at this stage.

Regards from Perth


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