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spectacular tearout...

David Weaver
the one other thing about limba, sort of like some mahogany, I guess - if you were a beginner, it would seem like a cross between a treat and a curse. It planes easily, but it's uncommon for a quartered board to give you the opportunity to plane downgrain across any significant area.

With the cap set, it planes easily. Without the cap set properly, the tearout can be spectacular and you can really chase your own tail trying to get rid of it. I remember those days. The 50 degree single iron jointer that I liked so much when i first started would just mangle this stuff.

The art of planing and finishing wood is practically dead on the guitar forums. Even many of the instructors will send students through outright stupid regimes trying to avoid tearout in wood like this when all you have to do is set the cap. Anyone employing the oft-advertised "just make it really sharp and take really thin shavings" could turn a 15 minute job with this into several hours chasing the fast dulling blade's inability to continue to cut a thin shaving.

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