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Lost a pocket knife!

David Weaver
I know pocket knives are only a sometimes topic here. When I'm not at work, I generally walk around with one because once you do, you find half a dozen uses for it each day.

I like knives like I like tools - if they're good, i'm a fan. They don't have to be boutiquey or anything like that. I've got some that were $4, and one or two that were $200 (but that I'd never consider making for that - one would starve).

By chance, I was carrying one about $9 in price (vs something nicer) before Christmas when the mrs. and I were downtown with the kids looking at the various draws they set up here. One of those is a gingerbread house contest (there are hundreds and hundreds) that's usually in an unrestricted area, but this year, they put it in the county building that houses the administrative offices and court related bits - something I wasn't aware of. Gingerbread houses may not be a source of walking crime, but in this case, the location is protected 24 hours a day, and I had to throw my pocket knife in the garbage on the way in the door.

Up until now, I always thought people were too careful as unlike tools, you'll find most get fine knives and then are afraid to carry them anywhere because they lost one in the past. Luckily, I learned mine with a $9 knife, and not an NLA tidioute that I adore.

(for anyone wondering, there are no practical restrictions on knives in this state other than those that open automatically - which is something I have no interest in. I have no clue what the options were at the courthouse, but with the long lines, I wasn't going to get through the line and then cause a delay faffing around over a $9 knife).

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