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David Weaver
I don't know if it's true or not, but George told me at one point that he's found button lac to hold its gloss better over time even though I've seen references that the gloss is less to start with.

The shellac I used this go around is some old garnet flake that I got from rockler at least a decade ago, probably dewaxed. It was slow to dissolve but ultimately did in about two days. I'm not as quick to throw something like that away despite some guidance online that it should be tossed due to age.

This is going to be the entire finish on my cabinet, so I'm going to go to button lac that I've bought and see how it works. Rockler wants something like $40 per 250g of flakes, and is about 2 miles from me, but that price level is way beyond good taste no matter the coupon offer!

I'm encouraged to use shellac more after touching up two shelves I made for the kids. It was almost effortless.

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