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Re: Troubleshooting a Stanley #80

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Dave, I believe that the problem lies with the blade preparation. Simply, this scraper needs a hook on the blade, and it appears that you have only honed the edge ala a plane blade. The chatter is caused by its "dullness".

Generally, the bevel edge is 45 degrees (Some prefer even steeper). From the bevel side, gently roll a 5 degree burr/hook, and then roll a 10 degree hook. I prefer to do this in two sections (5, then 10 degrees) rather than one (straight to 10 degrees) as the steel is less likely to fracture and the hook will be stronger.

Heavy pressure when turning the hook will create a large cutting edge, which is increasingly fragile as it gets larger. It does make larger shavings. I always prefer a finer hook - less pressure - as this offers more control.

Regards from Perth


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