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Troubleshooting a Stanley #80

Dave (Arlington, VA)
Hi All -

It's been a VERY long time since my last post, and I could use some help from the community. I've pulled out my Stanley #80 for a project. I acquired it at a flea market a while ago but I've not used it before - and now I've got three symptoms for whatever my problem is: (1) it chatters no matter how little or how much I tighten the screw, or in what direction I push it (2) it's producing dust, not shavings, and (3) the dust is collecting behind the blade.

So what I have I done - in addition to watching half a dozen YouTube videos on sharpening and using a Stanley 80? I've flattened the back to a mirror polish. I've put a 45 bevel on it also sharpened that to a mirror polish as well. I've positioned the side of the blade without the bevel to point in the direction that I'm scraping. And I've flattened the bed of the scraper.

What am I, or have I done wrong or omitted?

Any help would be appreciated.


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