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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I was misinformed about the stock lengths available in this kinds of glass. I thought I would have to settle for assembled pieces with "leading" to fill the space. But I wanted the uplifting effect of the Krenov style of divided door panel. "Chipped glass" was available in the lengths needed but it was too transparent for the "customer", my daughter. Then I learned that this kind of glass can be had in 48" lengths if one goes upstream in the supply chain far enough.

I lucked out and found the design artist at home at a wholesale glass shop in Asheveille, NC. Unlike at other glass places I searched she immediately understood that the cabinet was not a frame for fancy glass. Rather the glass needed to compliment the furniture. She found some that would do but when she located the glass we wound up with she said this glass would compliment, and enhance. I never would have selected this glass on my own. But when we held it up against the frame it achieved what she claimed. I am glad there are artists in the world.

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