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Corner cabient *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
This piece was finally delivered, some assembly required. Top and bottom halves, doors and shelves were wrapped and just fit in the Explorer and hauled to KY. Plenty of help got it unloaded and assembled. It was well received. In short order the items for dining- linens, china and utensils- were organized among the shelves and the top decorated with pottery.

The dovetailed boxes that comprise the "secret compartments" to the back of the hexagonal drawer and on each side were not revealed. One contains a spare knob, a CD of pictures during construction, and a test piece of the angled dovetails. A 2019 coin was embedded on the top of the base unit.

Neither picture does a good job of accurately rendering the color of the glass and cherry. Darker picture is flash, the other ambient under not so good fluorescent.

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