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OT: a pleasant surprise in a metal vise

david weaver
Through the last several weeks, something I saw locally (a wonderful Holland branded old vise with huge capacity) sparked my interest in getting a bigger metal vise than the unmarked columbian 4" vise that I have. I don't need complicated metalworking tools, but it's nice to have a decent vise with soft jaws to hacksaw and drill steel and sharpen saws (with auxiliary boards).

I looked around, found everything like the Holland vise to be expensive unless you really luck into it or buy something small (not interested), and most of Wilton's larger vises appear to have gone into the same foreign and overpriced territory as powermatic (my opinion).

I went to youtube to find reviews on vises and was somewhat surprised to see a low-cost chinese dewalt vise about double the physical size and capacity of mine faring well in abuse tests - stuff well beyond what I'd ever do.


Surprisingly, giving up little to nothing in the torture tests to more expensive vises.

Still waffled about it hoping to find an older vise cheap local, but no luck and eventually ran across the vise shown in the video for $92 shipped, bought it, still expecting that it might not be that great.

But i have to say after it arrived in-hand, it's leaps and bounds better than my old columbian (not sure if it'll last forever like that), it's about 40 pounds, works smoothly, is well finished, and now I can put the columbian on a board and move it around the shop.

Not really that worthy of a topic on here, but one of the rare cases where you buy something expecting it to be mediocre given its origin, wring your hands about being too cheap to spring for the "known good" version or a vintage version of the same for 5 times the cost, and ultimately end up with something far better than you expected.

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