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Started my first Windsor chair

Joe shelton
Started, in my case, means from ground zero. Or maybe prepping the battlefield.

I think Curtis Buchanan says "First, get some wood."

Got some cherry, oak and poplar.

My next effort has been wherewithal: Scorp, froe, adze, travisher and drawknives have been added to the hoard. A reamer is due in. I built a shavehorse. Got a set of Curtis' plans for the democratic chair.

Now I'm learning to use tools I've never before used, and I'm trying to duplicate the spindles, legs and stretchers that Curtis demonstrates with his video for that chair. At this point, it feels like an adventure. I'm inclined to focus my practice by using the concepts to build a table that I need for mundane use in an out-of-the-way spot. That rake and splay stuff seems daunting, and not something I want to solve for the first time on a chair that I already have an emotional interest in.

And, man, the videos are right about the shavehorse. Green wood and a drawknife are more fun than green wood on a lathe.

Wish me luck!

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Started my first Windsor chair
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