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Moxon OTT, but oh so nice feature :) *LINK*

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Here is an overhead of my Moxon vise in the closed position ..

When I loosen the wheels now, the jaw automatically opens about 30mm ...

I was intrigued by a video tip from David Barron where he added a spring to the inside of his chop ...

... and decided to try this out on my Moxon. I had a couple of springs lying around which, fortunately were the ideal size and also compressible (they are triangular, where David's are parallel. He needed to modify the chop with a recess to permit it to close up. I did not need this).

The wonder of this system is that it is effortless to use, to open and close. No wracking on screws when opening any longer. Effortless! Loosen one side, and slip out the work piece. Reposition. Tighten one screw ...

Regards from Perth


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Moxon OTT, but oh so nice feature :) *LINK*
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