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David Weaver
My understanding of it. When bode came into the business of selling, he'd come from the car business, at least that's my understanding. Could be rumor.

What's not, though, was the decorum among other sellers and collectors. I remember walt quadrato saying that at auctions, nobody tried to take everything as a matter of deference, but bode sort of took everything if he got to it first, and at the time, his prices were excessive to say the least. He's come back to earth. Walt never mentioned that it was bode, but we knew who he was talking about.

Shortly after, an infill collector died in England and we expected to see reasonable prices in the us, but bode flew over and bought the stuff. While I can find a Norris 2 or something similar from time to time for 200 pounds, once Jim gets something like that, the market only sees it again at 3 times that.

I decided I'd just start to build what I want, instead and buy if something shows up reasonable elsewhere. If not, no big deal.

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