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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
He was unpackaging boxes at a MCTC event from an estate he bought in FL. I was chatting with him about stuff when he began unpacking a box with countless scrapers. After about the 10th he remarked mostly to himself,
"I deconstruct the compulsive obsessive".

I found him to be a nice person. Someone (not a dealer) unpacked a Norris for sale for some price I don't remember, maybe $200. I always wanted to try one but knew nothing about them. Jim was nearby and I took the plane over to him and asked him about it. He examined it, declared it to be in good shape and told me what he paid for them, which was $25 more than the person was asking. I thought that was kind from a dealer of his stature.

I bought it, didn't do anything for my pedestrian planing and sold it to my ride to this event.

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