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david weaver

I tried briefly to find someone other than george to bombard people with (once in a while, I get negative PMs or emails - or posts - about saying too many nice things about George Wilson).

But, I couldn't. Everything I clicked on was either pinterest or some cheesy site trying to sell plans.

George was making guitars on his bench in the 1990s and not kitchen cabinets, so there's not a lot of open space. Mine are above my grinder in a cabinet that's french cleated onto the wall, and another one separate from there - but in easy reach and I can see quickly if they're rusting (which doesn't seem to occur in the cabinet).

the benefit to the cabinet is that it's cheap to make out of scrap, it closes, and it's got fixtures to hang chisels and carving tools inside and out. You can hang about 70 chisels and gouges in a 2x3 wall space.

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