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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I am watching a son-in-law "learn" woodworking from the Internet. A recent article made the experience more clear.

The business model of companies providing these "free" sources of information is- induce someone to look, then force advertising upon them that the advertiser is willing to pay the hosting company to provide.

"Perfect Hand Cut dovetails Every Time" is going to induce more people to open a link than a realistic title for instruction. Even "Dovetails with a pruning saw" will get hits. My son in law shows me this stuff! The more unbelievable it is the more it gets opened for advertising. There is no motivation to provide true or reliable information. Someone wanting to learn is easy prey.

Relying on amateurs to provide these provocative titles and "information" has been limiting to the growth of advertising revenue. A recent article described companies that crank out click inducing pictures, titles and content which the Internet companies gleefully pay for when it works. Some of the most opened are "Diamonds made in your microwave" and "Grow a rose in a potato". Can "make gold from lead" be far behind? Utube, the Internet equivalent of the National Enquirer.

Thankfully we have this Forum where the content is peer reviewed.

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