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David Weaver
There are some strange price anomalies, though there may be fewer now.

I wanted to try the stayset style record plane (don't really favor it, but tried it so that curiosity is over) and one of the older sorby metal planes (great, my favorite of all metal planes, maybe - very hard to find), as well as a record 8 of older vintage (decent also, but not equal to the sorby).

Anyway, at the time, I think I managed to find a record 4 1/2 for about $55 shipped (an older one before marples). I had to wait about a week to find one like that, but it didn't take that long. I don't like to buy tools to sell them, but I do like if common tools pay for themselves if I find no favor in them. And they have done that plus some.

Paring chisels were like that for a while, too. $25 - $35 in england, $75 or more here for the full length non-pitted good names (I. Sorby, Ward, etc) made before round bolsters.

The sellers run the gamut over there, from people selling wooden planes for "why bother listing that?" prices to a few refinishers who I'm sure cater only to international buyers.

Shipping anything with rosewood on it through the global shipping program is out of the question these days, though. They kept a norris 2 that I found with wonderful original wood and the original ward iron for about $250. They reimbursed me the money lost from confiscation of the plane, but it's not a $250 plane. Dark stained beech handles on record planes have led to some confiscation, too. There's no mechanism to get a second opinion - they seize, it's gone.

(there would be no issue for Bill on a record 778, though)

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