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John Aniano in Central NJ
Hi Jeremy,

I've been known to burn as fireplace kindling bits of ebony, snakewood, ironwood, rosewood, etc. - basically scraps that are simply too small to be useful. I do keep some for inlay patches, but seriously, how much of that do you need?

Both my shops have two receptacles for pitching such offcuts into. One is a 5 gallon bucket, the other an empty bird seed bag. Easier to bring in the house then for use as fireplace kindling during the winter.

I do save the pernambuco scraps and shavings as I send these to a textile dyer in NY state.

I also keep smallish pieces for clamping blocks to prevent metal clamp jaws from marring my workpieces.

Making blocks for a young relative, is good, but I thought that you were making violins? 🤗


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