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david weaver
open burning is allowed in my suburban township as long as the open burning is clean wood. That's what happens with most of my scraps.

I keep one can of junk on hand so that when the kids wander into the shop and want to drill, sand, rasp or paint something, they don't need to do it with my good stock, but over the years, I've realized that other than a small selection of repair stock (strange woods, etc, and veneers) kept separately, my array of shorts and stocks, etc, was not worth anything.

Probably one or two times a year, I'll be building something and remember (visually) a scrap pile that I threw away that would've been handy, but it doesn't outweight how handy it is *not* having the scrap taking up space and getting knocked over, picked up, brushed free of spider webs, etc.

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