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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
First some background to put my advice in perspective. We sold lumber. It was common to get a piece or two in 1000bdft packs that was going to be hard to sell. It was this lumber I often worked for my projects. I was highly motivated, and became experienced, working stuff that others would avoid. Eventually it became a goal to turn sow's ears into silk purses. (Maybe millennial don't know these farm sayings) I don't worry much about how flat a top is; I will flatten it upon installation.

1. I looked up a 700 book case. I would not want to live with this furniture but I do enjoy looking at it. You need the specified thickness for the top or it is going to look not authentic. (and you need the perfect stain to look its best. Develop finish schedule on test pieces)

2. The bottom of the top is not going to show much or at all, so only one side needs to be perfect. Unfortunately the top's bottom front corners will show so they need to be almost perfect.

3. Before I planed on pulling it flat I would test to see how much force it took. Oak is sturdy but I think if you wind up with 1/8" twist it will pull out against the framing.

4. Spare no effort to get the stiles and rails flat and straight if it has a door.

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