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I found its limits

david weaver
last night, planing the outside of a spruce guitar blank (the end grain). intermittent cut, relatively heavy, mouth somewhat closed (using a smoother).

Normally, this is one of the few things that I do with power tools (template rout the outside of the guitar body after everything else is done by hand), but spruce doesn't afford the ability to do rough work around the edges like a big router bit taking a bite off - it breaks off somewhere and that kind of thing isn't acceptable on a guitar body.

At any rate, that resulted in an iron with lots of nicks, though I can't say for sure that carbon steel wouldn't have also nicked.

The job is one for a spokeshave, anyway.

I'm convinced (and didn't test that during iron testing) that a tight mouth and tight cap leading to restriction is something that actually damages an edge. It's not the first time I've seen this. Another reason to give the mouth a little more room and get it out of the way of the cap iron.

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