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Joe shelton
I agree about the temperature and plastisizing, but my experience is that it does not always retain the new shape. For example, last night I bent a shotgun stock. It started with 1/4" cast off at the heel and about 5/16" cast off at the toe. Using the techniques in Bob Smalser's article here, I pulled it to 1/2" at the toe and 3/8" at the heel, cast on, then left the clamps on until it cooled to room temperature. That amount of displacement had me nervous as the proverbial harlot in chapel, so I quit. When I removed the clamps, springback reverted it to 1/4" cast on at both heel and toe.

Springback in this process is not unusual, but I'd not previously seen that degree of regression. Smalser says that you always can go back and add more displacement (in the same direction), and I may need to do that. But first, I'll shoot it some. If I don't really need the toe twisted out, I'll settle for what I got.

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