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What an experienced machine woodworker would do
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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Creating a plane is all the same no matter how the wood is removed. Some one experienced can do it by jointer or other machine means to achieve an equivalent result. Place flat on jointer bed, teeter until the high corners are equally high off the bed and run it across the knives.

Some would deal with the situation much the same way if the jointer was more narrow than the board. However, if one has an hour of scrub plane experience diagonal corners can be nipped off until the piece doesn't rock on the table saw top. Then run it through the planer. I find the latter approach best for me.

The cherry chest of drawers I recently built was made from lumber from a tree with emotional connection. For various reasons the lumber was cupped and twisted but I was motivated to use it. I did a lot of straightening as described above. There isn't an alternative to having flat drawer fronts and frame stock for framing panels.

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