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I continue to be amazed by XHP

david weaver
It's not like it's magic, I guess, but all of my metal bench planes are fitted with it.

The washita that I used for durability testing (that posted a good number) is enamored with it as a finisher - it finishes more finely than carbon steel on that stone, and it continues to deliver a super bright finish.

I've been tardy on compiling the report document, but it's busy time of the year for me at work for at least the next month.

Never received a response from SB metals about whether or not they could provide me with ground .140 material, so I'll assume the answer to that is no. Which is a bit of a disappointment as I'd love to dump it in two of my infills.

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I continue to be amazed by XHP
I found its limits
Should clarify about the mouth and the cap..
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