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Wiley Horne
Hi Jason,

My first and last thought is ‘don’t fool with that board’. It’s going to be miles of bad road, ending in a piece too thin to carry out your intent. Use it for 3/8” drawer sides or a pair of housed panels instead.

But. If you absolutely mean to use the figure on that board, I suggest two steps: first, plane it flat in whatever way seems most feasible to you from the other suggestions here—ripped, flattened, and reglued, or not. Then you will end up with a flat board, say 5/8”+ thick with the figure on it. Then face glue this piece to a second board to bring the thickness to 1” or so. For the face gluing, use heavy cauls with wet towels underneath them (both sides) to offset movement while gluing—the wet towels are critical for any water-based glue—white, yellow, TB3 or hide. You could help yourself by using epoxy or other waterless glue, omitting the wet towels, and oversize by less. After face gluing, reflatten to 7/8”.


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