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david weaver
....not suggesting this here by any means, but I remember watching a video of a japanese maker several years ago. The maker was putting together dressers and chests of drawers similar in style to american furniture.

At the beginning of the video, they showed either the maker or another workman putting lumber in a press (heated?) and flattening it.

Since then, I've bought stabilized lumber for guitar use (mostly maple, but some spruce). The stabilization looks to have originated when the supply of good structural lumber disappeared into unstable second growth wood (I could be wrong about that, but it's not new).

i have no idea how an average person would follow a process like this, but the wood that comes out of the thermal treatment is hard (more musical sounding) and it smells like a house fire (only mildly, though) because the volatiles have been baked out.

(with not much searching, I found another video showing the same thing, but the heat and pressure are separate)


Still an advocate for using a different piece of wood, but a non-contact thermometer, a fire and some good welding gloves (along with something to secure the wood in) would make for an interesting experiment in a piece of wood that may not otherwise be used in the first place.

I didn't watch this whole video, but see my interpretation of "american style" furniture is large tansu, and I'm sure the makers would be offended by that, but their solid furniture looks a lot like the early manufactured veneer furniture made in the united states.

It also looks like theirs is paulownia, which can be rotten in terms of movement, and is usually low density and soft. Maybe it lends itself to this kind of game playing.

(all that said, I'd still start with a piece of wood that will allow you to work without making the simple dimensioning a complicated and potentially unsuccessful process).

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