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Removing twist

Jason in Denver
I am in my first attempts at dimensioning rough stock with hand planes, and I have one piece that I'm not sure is fixable. It is 14" wide by 37" long and just over an inch thick. It is twisted such that with three corners on the bench, the 4th corner is about a half inch off the bench. The finished piece is supposed to be 7/8 thick, but it would probably be ok down to about 3/4. From what I measured above it seems like the best I could get is around 1/2" thick. Would I have a thicker end result if I ripped the board in half, surfaced the halves and then re-glued? My Plan B is to make the part by gluing two bookmatched boards together, so there would be a glueline either way. I would prefer to salvage the first piece due to its figure, but I don't want to end up planing down to a piece of veneer. What say y'all?

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