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flattening the back

Jeremy Osner
Thanks for the advice, I have gotten a soft Arkansas stone and started using it for the first time yesterday in flattening the back and bevel of a 3/16" mortise chisel.

I was sure able to see my progress as I worked. I guess this is due to looking more closely than I have in the past. It was easy to see the difference between the flat steel that the stone had touched and the rough steel where the stone was not hitting yet.

I haven't got this chisel quite sharp yet. I noticed in the course of flattening that there is a very slight microbevel on the back of the chisel. it is probably a 1/2 mm back from the edge of the chisel and a small fraction of a mm away from the flat of the back. I think I am going to need to take some material off the back to address this, I'll use 120, 220, 320, 400 grit sandpaper on glass to do that and then go back to the stones.

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