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Re: Spyderco—you got my attention

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
I tried them and recognized them to be similar to natural stones in that they become slower as they wear ..

David, George turned me on to Spyderco several years ago, and I have used them equally alongside my Shapton/Sigma set. For all, stones should never be used dry (as Spyderco state they may), since swarf is needed to be moved off the surface. A little liquid soap in a spritz of water works well.

Even so, the Spyderco will load. What I have found works so well, and very quickly, is a little Simple Green and a scouring pad.This makes a noticeable difference to their cutting power.

Wylie, the Spyderco come in 8' x 2" stones and therefore do not suit a honing guide. The Medium s about 2000 grit and the Ultra Fine about 6000-8000 grit, in my estimation. Spyderco do not publish the grits.

Regards from Perth


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