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Probably ceramic aluminum oxide

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Performance would suggest ceramic(seeded gel) aluminum oxide. If this rock is patented and someone can get me the patent number I will find out. And if it is not patented it supports the ceramic guess.

Both in coated and vitrified abrasive formats ceramic abrasives have shown long life and fast material removal. If you don't subscribe to the claim that natural abrasives have a role other than removing metal then long life and fast are the metrics to pursue as science develops new ways to scratch metal. And where you may wind up is ceramic for an "inexpensive" material that can be fashioned into something that looks like a traditional sharpening stone.

I was given some ceramic 6" paper disks to use on my ROS. Life and material removal rate was better than anything I had previously used. I have not tried a vitrified product, stone or wheel.

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