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Sandpaper cost over time ()

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
If one uses a proper progression of grit sizes how many times are you figuring you could sharpen on a 30 cent piece of paper given that but a few strokes are sufficient for each grit size?

One fine Sharpton Stone divided by 30 cents times the number of times it can be used divided by the number of grits in the sequence equals a very large number of sharpenings. Possibly equal to the number of sharpenings the stone will yield, or more.

The fact that a jig is probably essential and the lack of straightforward place to buy the necessary stuff are more significant disadvantages. I still use this system for blades I can't readily hollow grind. I think the primary advantage is that it is cheap, if you buy the right stuff wholesale from Klingspor Industrial (not the woodshop store).

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