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solvent solution and a hair drier solution

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Use what artists call "repositional adhesive" available at any art supply place in a spray can, or maybe Hobby Lobby. It has tack about like post it notes. This adhesive and a lot else about this kind of sharpening is described in an Article I wrote in the Articles section.

For your situation dig up a corner and add a drop of acetone to the interface. Tug and lift. When it stops lifting add another drop of acetone to continue. I The idea is to wick the acetone into the interface. Removal this way is easy.

I keep a dropper bottle of acetone for these occasions.

Another route is the hair drier. Warm and tug. When it is warm enough it will peel off smoothly. Works for labels too. I repurpose shipping boxes this way. UPS and USPO labels come right off the cardboard. And labels on prescription bottles for creating small parts containers.

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