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Finished (another) travisher...

Scott in Douglassville
Hi all -

This is another long (l-o-n-g) term project. Many years ago I made a travisher from some nice curly cherry. Sent a hunk to a friend who was having one of his friends forge an iron. Subsequently the blade and the cherry found their way back to me. My recollection was that the process of laying out, mortising and shaping wasn’t too taxing, so I was happy to have a small, easy project.

I laid out the body and mortises in February 2014, a number of years after receiving the materials. I’d like to say that I worked in fits and spurts but truthfully, I drilled, started mortising, then stalled. Like, really stalled.

I lost contact with the friend who’d asked for the travisher. Thought occasionally of working on it, and how nice it’d be to send it home. Years passed.

So, about a month ago we moved kids to school. Wife and I are now empty nesters. And while that’s exciting in ways, I really miss the kids. But I decided I wanted to start in to woodworking again. First project? The travisher.

Once I got focused it went fairly quickly. The mouth is tight and it made nice shavings in some poplar, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I sent this off to it’s forever home and am hoping for a good report once it gets a proper trial.

Most importantly I reconnected with a friend I should never have lost touch with.

So, here’s to hoping both the woodworking and the friendship are renewed.


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