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Re: Lubricating Saw Blades - Thanks
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William Duffield
I'm off on a tangent, again, but I wanted to thank you for some other excellent advice you had given me and everyone on this forum. I had asked about problems with clogging of bandsaw blades when sawing hard oily exotic hardwoods, in this case Peltogyne and Dalbergia species. You recommended WD-40. I've been using it, sprayed on with the blade running and cleaned off with a toothbrush. It works well, better than anything else I had tried. (No, I haven't tried the Olson saw blade lubricant, but hunting it down and paying for it seems a bit redundant at this point.) The WD-40 leaves a bit of a mess, but that is easily cleaned up with a paper towel, and the folded and rolled paper towel pushed (carefully) into the running blade finishes clearing it of sawdust.

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