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John in NM
Reminds me of a statistic I heard once and just looked up again - in an age when we have no fewer than 3 distinct light bulb technologies and great debates over which is best, retail candle sales in the US still tally in the billions of dollars.

Isn't that a bit like the choice between beeswax and saw lube? :D

Ironically, I end up using whatever paste wax I have on hand, heathen that I am. My shop is 50' down a hill from the house, and for some reason my pan of beeswax is up at the house. The at hand choice wins every time, regardless of the replacement cost....

Maybe I'll remember to bring the wax pan down next time, or maybe I'll spend the $2 for a toilet ring and use that :D Pretty cool to live in a world where we have so many options available and the ability to discuss all of them with everyone from Warren to Bill T. Sure beats reading magazines, though I did like the pictures (shows you how my head works, look at all the pictures first :D )

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