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Re: should anyone buy some.....!

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Once again I am suggesting the curious try something new and you are advocating they stay stuck in 1820 technology. Your suggestions would be more credible if you provided some evidence of what you have done in woodworking in the past 40 years. Experiment with something new doesn't appear to be one of the activities.

I have used both so I have the benefit of the comparison when I make the claim the stick stuff sticks better and hence provides better lubrication. And the format is more handy to my taste. Other's results may differ. Try it and make an informed choice. I'm not selling either so I don't care how someone's preference comes out.

But then I am sticking screws in maple which you say you eschew for woodworking. And the stick works well on oak too. I am sticking screws in all sorts wood around the farm and screws of lengths unknown in furniture making. Three inch hardened screw, torex bit, 18V hammer driver, a bit of stick lube and I can drive the screw into any wood. These are all modern technologies I take advantage of.

If someone is using bee wax and satisfied with the results I would not advocate changing. The Headley shop uses bee wax and is entirely satisfied with it. They have a 5 pound blob of it so there is no risk they will need to buy something ever. The stick wax suggestion is only for someone that hasn't decided how they are going to do, whatever woodworking they do, 40 years ago.

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