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Re: This looks like the real deal

John in NM
I have a couple pounds in a bread pan, bought the cakes 20 years ago in Tucson where there was a beekeepers store in South Tucson then. Probably gone now, but it was cool - $2 a pound as I recall.

I had read about it's use as a leather treatment and I wanted to try it (and unfortunately didn't look up methods, youtube was still on the new side then). I put it on a hot plate and dunked my leather knife sheath in it, surprised to see how much air that leather had in it. After maybe 20 seconds I realized I was deep frying my leather :D :D :D Sheath came out pretty stiff, but the wax sure did preserve the heck out of that sheath!

I've since seen some vids on doing this correctly, so I kept the wax for one day when I have some free time.

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