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preparing cast iron for sharpening plates *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Diamond embedded in cast iron will scratch anything including diamonds, which is how they are faceted. Any machinist manual will document this means of polishing hard tool steels. Surface grinding is a preferred way to prepare the plates, which may involve sending them to some kind soul that has access to a surface grinder. Plates are heavy so a flat rate box is preferred. The PO can destroy flat rate boxes with heavy stuff inside and only miles of fiber glass tape may keep the plates inside.

A better option for a woodworker is to armor the plates inside the box within a box. The lid must be secured. A dozen of so screws will be adequate and 1/2" strand board on a 6/4 frame should be sufficient to resist the PO attempts at destruction. ;) :)

Inside, 3 shiny smooth cast iron plates ready for service.

Thank you Bruce........
My apologies to whoever shipped their ceramic coffee mug next to this package.

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