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Lubricating wood screws *LINK*

Bill Houghton, Sebastopol, CA
In a thread now buried three pages down, there was discussion of the best lubricant for wood screws, with particular attention to the screws used in cabinet hardware like hinges. I've linked one of the posts, below.

I decided to offer my suggestion as a separate thread, since the prior thread was a long one, and the lubricant question was a diversion from the main topic.

Some years back, I picked up, at a yard sale, one of those wax (or wax-like) rings used to seal toilets at the floor; I should hasten to mention that this was a fresh, unused ring. I don't know what wax or waxy substance is used in making these, but it makes a great lubricant for screws: stays soft, lubricates nicely, inexpensive (even more so at yard sales!). I carve off a hunk and put it in an Altoids tin, making it easy to put in the toolbox. One ring will be a lifetime supply for me, probably.

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