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Re: Elaeagnus multiflora or E. angustifolia...

William Duffield
I've cleared alll the E. angustifolia out of my field while converting it to a dog track. Most of it was too small and/or crooked to be useful, but I saved one long straight trunk, about 2-1/2 " diameter. I haven't gotten around to making any handles from it yet, but I have noticed that as it dries it does not check. So, unlike dogwood, you can use the whole trunk for a handle, mounting the iron centered in the pith. This is as you revealed in a previous conversation. With dogwood, whether you are making a handle or a set of chessmen, you need to start with a much larger section of trunk, spit it through the pith and remove the juvenile wood.


For chessmen, if you start by drilling a hole in the base, and use a mandrel as your drive center, you can later use the hole to mount a metal weight and then cover it with sticky back felt. Chessmen are much more pleasant to play with if they are counterweighted.

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