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Starting to organize *PIC*

Jeremy Osner
I've had a really messy shop for a long, long time. My recent visit to John Aniano's shop has inspired me -- has made me aware of how careless I generally am about edge tools lying on my workbench banging into each other, for one thing.

I've had this workbench since Badger Pond days, when I was first setting up my shop. The tray in the back of the bench is useful as a place to rest one tool when you are using a different one. For me it ends up holding a jumble of chisels, gouges, files, saws... bad news!

I clamped a cedar beam to the bench recently so I'd have something to push against when shaping my violin front and back plates, and have found it very useful. I'm going to leave it attached to the bench, I'm thinking of this as a luthiery bench nowadays. I realized I can store tools, particularly marking tools, on the beam and have them readily available and always in the same spot, not have to hunt around when I need something. Next I'm planning to put some blocks of 2x6 in the bench tray with holes in them to hold chisels, gouges and files.

Then it will be on to the chaos behind the bench (not shown, use your imagination, there's no way what you picture is going to be worse than what's behind the bench.)

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